Boys vs. Girls


According to Dr. William McBride author of Entertaining the Elephant –

The Trouble with Boys…

• Get 70% of D’s and F’s. 
• Make up 80% of discipline problems 
• Make up 70% of learning disabilities 
• Make up 80% of those on Ritalin 
• Are 1 to 1 ½ years behind girls in reading and writing 
• Make up 80% of HS dropouts


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Learning differences

Making small changes in your classroom can make it easier for both boys and girls to learn more effectively…

This table was taken and from EdGuide

Girls are more likely to Boys are more likely to
1. be good listeners -a trait that serves them well in today’s language-rich classrooms. 1. do well when using mathematical-logical thinking.
2. print neatly and follow directions carefully. 2. settle for messy handwriting and disorganized work.
3. sit calmly in their seats. 3. need space to spread out their materials; move around in that space.
4. gather facts before they draw conclusions. 4. deduce conclusions from general statements.
5. need concrete examples when learning abstract principles. 5. be comfortable with mathematical symbols and general ideas in math.
6. need to talk about their subject before beginning a writing project. 6. lose focus on a writing task and spend little time talking about what they plan to write.
7. work well in cooperative groups. 7. Prefer to work alone; argue over who will lead when working in a group
8. entertain themselves during boring parts of the school day. 8. act out and disrupt the class when bored.
9. pay attention to more than one activity at a time. 9. find it hard to concentrate on learning when they are upset.
10. discuss problems with a teacher. 10. act as if they don’t care about learning when they are confused or frustrated.



Resources and Articles

Professional reading on gender (un)biased teaching


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