In an effort to share best practices this page will be a running list of ideas that are just to good not to pass along.  Have one of those “ah ha!” moments, feel free to comment.  As more of my own are witnessed and practiced I will continue to update this page.

Nix the Tricks!

This is a fantastic resource to help you and your students undo years of teaching misconceptions.  An absolute must especially as more and more districts are learning towards the concepts and process rather then the answer!  I encourage everyone to check out the website and either purchase the book or download a copy!

Stuck – try and SOLVE it…

While I have yet to see this one in practice, I have heard several great math teachers talk about SOLVEing the problem.  I do believe that this one is going to require a little more practice and effort on the  part of the teacher to make sure that they really understand each of the steps, but once they get the hang of it, it is, in many ways a fool proof plan for success.  Check out this site for more details on how your students can SOLVE!

  • SStudy the problem
  • OOrganize the facts
  • L – Line up a plan
  • V – Verify a plan with action
  • E – Examine the results

Does McDonalds Serve Cheese Burgers

Looking for a way to remember the rules of long division? Use this helpful acronym to ease you through the process.

  • DOES – Division
  • MCDONALDS – Multiplication
  • SERVE – Subtraction
  • CHEESE – Check your answer
  • BURGERS – Bring it down

Check out the website directly for the specifics on this strategy

Metric Conversion

When I was in 7th grade my science teacher spent a good month drilling in our heads K, H, DK, Base, D, C, Milli…over and over again to make sure we would remember the metric conversion for upcoming labs.  While there was almost a methodic rhythm to her  voice, I would argue that anyone who had Mrs. Collins for science would know what exactly what I was talking about it they heard those letters together in that order.  However, there are far more interesting mnemonic devices like the one below!

  • KingKILOmeter
  • Henry HECTOmeter
  • Doesn’t DECAmeter
  • Usually UNIT OR BASE
  • Drink DECImeter
  • Chocolate CENTImeter
  • Milk MILLImeter

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