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More Blooms and DoK….(this time in visuals)

While the frames of thinking continue to shift back and forth between Bloom’s Taxonomy and Depth of Knowledge, Cobb County ESOL has some great resources (with a focus on ELL’s) but can be applied to all of our students. So happy Friday – enjoy some charts and feel free to share how you use them in your class.

Bloom’s Taxonomy

While I normally do not Β gravitate to Bloom’s Taxonomy charts, I think this one is great for students.

Bloom’s Peacock!!!!

Depth of Knowledge

It is not often that I come across a DoK chart that is not a circle, but this one sums up DoK in another student friendly visual.

DoK – my hero!!!!

and another:

DoK – Yeah!!!!Β (Sorry its a PDF)

Both of these charts are just some of the great resources that can be found on this site. Β Along with some other great charts to help create those teachable moments….