A throw back! – a reminder of how your past work can still very much be part of the present!

Over the course of the year I received several random emails about a website that I had all but forgotten I designed when I was an elementary classroom teacher.  The emails in part asked that I update broken links and such so that their students could use the WebQuest as it was originally designed.  At first, in reading the emails, I was shocked that someone could even find this site but then I remembered that nothing ever dies on the internet and I set out to find the site. My site.  Go figure.  I had to find my own site…which I did, eventually and discovered that over 118,000 people have found it over the last 8 years!

And after poking around my site, did those emails from those educators make sense.   Links were broken, and the WebQuest was effectively impossible to use as it was.  So with a lot of effort, a bunch of emails to the webs.com owners and a lot of thinking about what the password and email address could have been on a site I designed 8 years earlier, I logged in, made some very necessary updates, added a small running blog for updates and voilà!  – My first and only WebQuest linked below….



I will admit that I have done a modified more complex version of this WebQuest with the 8th grade science teacher and his students as an 8th grade science exit project in paper form for years so for me the project has never died.  I just never imagined that it has continued to live in the classrooms around the country in the WebQuest form.  My hope now is that with updated links and my determination to stay on top of it and make it better than ever (eventually including a page on how it aligns to the common core) the web quest will become a tool for even more classrooms and students around the country.

So please feel free to check it out.  Just one thing if you do use it with your students, please consider sharing their work to be published on the site as a model!  Oh and if you know of a great WebQuest  – please share it in the comments section below.  I believe WebQuests are a great way for students to learn.


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