At the heart of student learning – Engagement (a.k.a – 3c!!!)

As I said in my earlier post, my current focus on education is on dealing with the sweeping changes and reform that seem to be facing much of the country.  And for anyone who finds themselves facing the Danielson Framework for Teacher Effectiveness then it should come as no surprise that I decided to start my re-blogging efforts with none other than the heart of the framework —

Engaging Students in Learning


as we in Danielson speak most often see it


In order to support that, I have decided to start logging websites, links and documents that support a deeper understanding of student engagement.  Those who may ask why start with 3c – well to be perfectly honest, it is the point of teaching – engaging our students, helping them learn, showing them the way.  I didn’t need the staff from Teachscape to tell me that 3c – Engaging Students in Learning is at the heart of the framework.  I am an educator, and every good educator knows that an engaged student is a student who is learning.

The teacher effectiveness tab is a work in progress.  Check back often as I discover more sites that support the framework.  Until then, hopefully my meager collection of links for 3c will support higher student engagement in classrooms around the country.


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