Book Club Blogging – a new venture!

I have recently been asked to join a book club with a group of teachers both from my current school and from my larger network of schools.  The network literacy coach wanted to give interested teachers the opportunity to read and discuss Kylene Beer’s newest book Note and Notice in a format that allowed for discussion without feeling pressured to meet in person and discuss.  This format has come in the form of the 411bookclub Blog!

While it may be old hat to many out there to use a blog as a forum for this king of reflection of reading it is new to many who are participating, even myself.  As this is a first for many involved, the blog has been slow to get started, so I offered to cross post with my blog and hope to increase traffic as well as thoughts.  I do believe, especially with something like this, the more opinions, the deeper, richer, and more productive the conversation!

If you have not had a chance to get your hands on a copy of Note and Notice, I suggest you do.  While I am still not that deep into the book, I already begun to change my thinking about the way that we read with our students.  You can be sure that I will be blogging as I go because so much of what she says is true.

My most recent post – Text Dependent Questions: Harmful or Hurtful?  has really challenged me to think about the types of questions we ask when students read. Haven’t heard of text-dependent questions – then read on! Oh, and please feel free to comment, post, add, share, or smile with us.  It would be great if our teachable moments become yours as well.


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