Titanoboa – In NYC!?! Awesome!

Just when you thought there was nothing new that could makes it presence known to what many people call “the greatest city on earth,” something that only looks like it could be dreamed up in a Hollywood film lab is calling Grand Central Station its temporary home.

The Titanoboa depicted in drawing

The snakes true size can be seen for the first time in NYC own grad central station as a precursor to the April 1st première of the Smithsonian special – Titanoboa: Monster Snake!

Grand Central Station has a monster visitor

What makes this discovery such a teachable moment is that it is so new.  Discovered in 2009 in a Columbian coal mine (which is also a hot bed for fossils) by scientist Dr. Carlos Jaramillo, the snake is believed to have lived and competed with a killer crocodile that measured in a small 23 feet (small next to a 48 foot snake of course!)  When we often find ourselves teaching about fossils and the discovery of them in times that are far removed for anyone’s memory, this discovery is so current and so reachable, that it really brings the world of paleontology to life.

This video below digs deeper in Jaramillo’s thoughts about the snakes discovery;

To bring the snakes ginormous size to an even greater reality, the replica is going on tour across the country – a true opportunity to see this amazing fossil find up close and personal.  But if you want an idea just how big this prehistoric predator really was these pictures really give you an idea –

Anaconda vs. Titanoboa fossil comparison
As as a city bus!

and if that is not enough – this video on what a zoo would have to feed Titanoboa if it were around today should bring it even more to life.

I can’t say I disappointed I won’t get to see one for real, I don’t think I want to really meet a giant anaconda, let alone this great-great-great-great grandfather of our version of a monster snake, but inspiring the kids with this amazing story – well that is a super exciting!


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