Pinterest in the classroom

Every once and a while I learn about a cool website and I get completely sucked in to website or application that to me seems to have endless uses for the classroom.


Pinterest is one of those sites.

While I am sure that it is not new to a lot of you out there, it is to me and I am amazed how many resources are available for teacher on this social networking site.

So how exactly does Pinterest work for the classroom?  Well the premise behind it is simple.  People post pictures they have taken or find on the web.  The pictures link to that person’s site or the site where they found the picture.  For example here is a screen shot of a search for process charts on pinterest –

Screenshot of a search on pinterest

If you see a picture that really catched your attention – you click on it.   Then you have two options, you can pin it to one of your own boards or you can follow the link to the site or do both.  For example, a search in the education board led me to this “pin” –

When you click on this photo it takes you to the website.  Which most times opens you to a great website with lots of valuable information.  Having only just started searching the site, I have already come across some great ideas through visuals and descriptions and the great thing is, if you are just in the mood to scan you can repin a post to your own board and save the research for later which I find so helpful because all these great ideas are in one place!

The site is truly worth taking a look at, especially if you are a visual person.  It is also a great way to connect with other educators around the country and share great ideas and for all the iphone users out there it is an app!


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