Taking a break to work…I discover slideshare!

I never anticipated that when September rolled around, I would find myself in the midst of so much work that something as simple as posting on my blog would be a complicated and often overwhelming task, that of course has taken a back seat to so many other things, albeit very exciting things, but still other things that kept me from blogging.

So much has happened and there is so much that I want to talk about with the Common Core and the New Teacher Effectiveness laws in New York State and assessment, and even the prospect of opening a new middle school, that I decided instead of just throwing everything out there at once, I would take a step back and get back to what got me blogging in the first place – really cool programs that make really cool teachers even cooler!

I am sure many of you already know about SlideShare.  Considering it is tied to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and every other social networking site out there, I am sure for many of you I am talking about the coolest new thing in my life and you are thinking – “Wow! She is behind!!!”  But what makes SlideShare my new best friend is a fun little thing that is popping up all over the place – a QR code.

Okay so hear me out.  I have to give a presentation on a new school proposal.  I have two minutes to get everything I want to say about this school out.  Two minutes is nothing and there are lots of other people prosing a new school along side me.  So I start thinking what can I do to be different.  Sure I can make a brochure.  I can make a postcard.  I can hand out a flyer.  But to me that is all old and done – over and over and over again!

So I decide I’m going to make a powerpoint presentation and I am going to make sure anyone and everyone who wants to see it can – when they feel like it. How you ask?  SlideShare and a QR Code!!!!  You create a powerpoint.  You upload it to SlideShare.  You take the link to your powerpoint and you copy it in “goo.gl.” which is googles tiny link extension.  Then google creates a tiny url and a QR Code.  Which I must say are popping up everywhere these days.

Then what you do with the QR code and your slideshow on SlideShare is up to you.  I personally put it on my business cards and pasted them out.  And since SlideShare tracks how many views your powerpoint presentation has had, I know a couple people have actually looked at it.  Which is reassuring.

Either way the whole thing is a very forward way of thinking and also pretty “green” and in terms of the classroom and teaching, it is a super easy way to share stuff with parents, students, etc. because lets be honest so many many people have smart phones these days and QR readers are free apps!

So check out my pretty basic PowerPoints presentation on my new school and some of the other PowerPoints I have on slide share – just scan the QR code below!

Or of course the tiny url for the SlideShare site 🙂


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