Yahoo Clues – a cool idea for math!!!

So, I was searching the net for information about Hurricane Emily.  I figured since there is a chance she may go up the east coast, I should probably take note and I also figured I would post about Hurricanes and teaching them in science when I stumbled upon Yahoo Clues and completely became wrapped up in playing with it for a couple of hours.

Basically you type in one or two different searches into the box and it provides all kinds of graphs about the topic based on people’s searches of the topic.  It shows trends, in multiple graph formats.  How cool!

For you type into the trend box – one or two searches as I did below;

and this is what I got;

To me, thinking in terms of math, this inforgraphic is great.  first it compares two different topics that interest the student.  Second it presents the data in multiple graph format including pictographs, bar graphs, maps and charts.  It is a teacher’s dream to have the data that instant in that many formats and on a topic of a students choosing.

Of course you don’t have to compare two different topics – you can compare one as show below –

You can also adjust the time frame by clicking one of the other options under the time section here;

which really adds a nice dimension for older students in terms of comparing graphs.

I think the possibilities for this tool are endless in the math classroom.  It really provides a quick way to set up two different topics to compare and provides a wealth of data.

I guess stumbling upon things can be good sometimes – and as for Hurricane Emily and the rest of my hurricane post – well that is now forthcoming, I need to go analyze my Yahoo Clues first!


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