Earthquakes, Tsunami’s and Youtube!

So I am probably behind the times on this – but if you are studying earth science, specifically EARTHQUAKES then this site is a must!

USGS – Earthquake Hazards Program

This site shows the most recent earthquake activity which is completely fascinating.  Just check out how active the US has been with earthquake activity in week preceding July 10th

Earthquake activity July 3 – July 10

I think that studying earthquakes is one of the best activities in science – mostly because odds are – they are really happening somewhere in the world.  Plus with all the technology now a days, it is easy to have real footage of earthquakes at your fingertips or well at least through a quick search on youtube,

When I was supporting a 7th grade science teacher during her unit of study on the earth – it was shortly after the earthquake in Haiti.  One of the best pieces of earthquake footage in my opinion came from a stationary camera in Haiti – take a look for yourself.

What makes this video so great in my opinion is that it takes out the human side of earthquakes, the side we normally see of the tragedy and leaves the science – what it looks like and in many ways what it feels like to be in an earthquake.

Another series of great videos that we used this year from the Japan earthquake highlighted more of the devastation of tsunami’s.  What really stood out when we showed the footage to our students was their confusion with the tsunami waves.  They had this vision that a tsunami looked like a huge wall of water and a 50 foot wave crashing over a city.  The idea that it was a smaller wave but a continual movement of water was difficult for them to comprehend and something that they only really began to understand after watching the videos below.  Check them out;

This is just a general video of the wall of water and how it moves towards the coast.  It is interesting to see how quickly but in many ways how slowly it moves.

In this video you get a good picture of the general size of the waves.

In this one you have a better idea of the destruction of water.

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