Schoology – thoughts?

I was fortunate enough to attend the ASCD conference this spring in San Francisco.  It was a great chance for me to listen to the best of the best speak and share on the trends and movements in education while at the same time also networking with the best and the brightest educators from around the country.

Anyone who attends a major conference will tell you that a must do is the exhibitor hall where the latest and greatest market their product in often times very elaborate very exciting displays and demonstrations.

Once such exhibit that I had the chance to talk with was Schoology.  I think that the premise is fantastic.  For those of you that have not heard of it or seen it in a quick summary check out the screen shot below:

That’s right – Schoology is “Facebook for School.”  It looks like Facebook, it feels like Facebook, it interacts like facebook, it is “Facebook for School” and it even has its own app!

So, of course I have created my schools account, but I have yet to really jump on board because I am super curious if anyone out there is actually using it. I mean I know that there are few kids out there especially by middle level that do not have a facebook account, but I am curious how they take to the Schoology version.

Do the kids like it?  Have they taken to it like Facebook?  Do the teachers use it to communicate?  Any thoughts, experiences, anything that anyone can share about it would be awesome.  I want to believe that this could be a great addition to the means in which our teachers at our school communicate with our students, but I want to hear what others think—


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