Creately via Twitter!

I tend to receive a far amount of tweets from a few key educators and educational institutions that have saved me the time scouring the web looking for the next great tech gadget, program, app, etc!  It has been pretty cool seeing what is out there all thanks to retweets. You go twitter!!!

One such interesting program that I have just discovered is Creately which allows you to create all kinds of charts with pretty cool graphics, text boxes, linking, etc.  It is similar to the app on the Ipad called Popplet (which I am not a huge fan of because I see it as far more limited unless you spend the money to have the upgraded version.    But then you still don’t have as many options as this).

In the short time I was playing around with it, I came up with a quick chart about the first social studies unit we do in Grade 7 –

My first Creately!!!!!

Now, in my opinion the benefits of this program are endless in the classroom.  Students in groups can make one big presentation and you can easily save them (unlike Popplet) and there seems to be many more graphics and options unlike Popplet.  As a teacher this is a quick and easy way to engage students and incorporate the technology aspect we are always searching for (and work in that Common Core too!!!)

It also seems to be very easy to work with, and I do believe upper elementary students can easily move through the program.  Of course, if you upgrade you have even more options.  Additionally you can use it online and offline.  However, it still does not have the one thing that I have been searching for (unless I missed it) which is the app/software/interent program which allows you to move between computers, tablets and the internet. 😦


4 thoughts on “Creately via Twitter!”

  1. Have you seen LucidChart? It looks similar to Creately – we use it since they give free Pro accounts to teachers/students.

    It also works on any computer or even the iPad!

    1. No I haven’t – thank you so much for the comment. I am going to check it out now. That may be the answer to my searching for the computer/ipad program!!!! And pro accounts for education is a awesome bonus! Do you use Prezi????

      Thanks for dropping by my blog btw!

      1. Yes, also a big fan of Prezi! Sliderocket isn’t quite as flashy but I’ve also found it helpful for more basic presentations. So many good apps!

  2. So Layla – tell me – how many Ipads do you use in your classroom? What has been the biggest benefit to having them? We average 6 – 8 in Social Studies and most ELA classes but are looking to go 1-1 in grade 6 in the fall and hopefully maintain the 6 – 8 ratio per 30ish students in the other grades.

    We have found them to completely change how we are teaching our students and have our students much more engaged.

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