Bulletin Boards :/

Bulleting boards – if you scour the web for bulletin board images you will be surprised to find that there are more descriptions of bulletin boards or cries for help for a great idea for a bulletin board that needs to get put up as quickly as possible.  Of course, pictures abound, but the reality is that more teachers are looking for the next great idea for a process that few teachers I have encountered seem to enjoy.

I am one of those rare few teachers that really does enjoy bulletin boards.  I love creating them, and showcasing the hard work of my students because in reality, when a student sees their work on the bulletin board, they get a special kind of smile on their face that is often indescribable.  it is truly a look of accomplishment and one that is not seen enough in schools these days, especially in the Bronx.

My most recent was inspired by a general bulletin board search.  I liked the concept and figured I could recreate it fairly easily.  Some of the few students I work with were transitioning into a test prep unit anyway so this concept seemed to work beautifully.

Who's side are you on - for test prep?

I must admit that my passion for bulletin boards has sparked quite a competitive competition with several of the other teachers in my school in a good way.  Instead of just slapping some work up on the bulletin board it has become more of a way to showcase student work with themes, teachers trying to think outside the box and the bulletin boards expanding beyond the confines of the cork.

The promise of what the future holds in terms of teachers being proud of their creations and students excited about seeing their work displayed has created a culture where work is more then just the mundane routine of school, it has become a way to instill the ever illusive intrinsic value of learning and while many will argue that it should be a given or that you don’t need a bulletin board to do that, why not use the often hated task as an opportunity that often gets lost in the filing, grading, and other endless amounts of paperwork.

Have an awesome bulletin board – share it…showcase your work for the world to see and spark the creativity that lies within all of us teachers.


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