Wordle – if you have never seen one, then I recommend you spend a little more time on the web.  Before I get to deep into why Wordle is one of my best/worst friends, let me show you want it looks like.

A Wordle!!!!

So what makes them so unique?  Well for starters, the program is easy to use.  You put in the words you want and the program automatically randomizes the words and removes common words like, thee, of, in as, etc.  In addition it automatically makes the most frequently used words the biggest easily showing the students which words were the most common.

Once the wordle is created, then the true creativity of the students can come out as they can change the the color of the words, direction, font,  and the background.  The wordle below was created by an 8th grade student who was expressing her anxiety about the New York State Assessment exam

Test anxiety

The students easily get lost in their creations and they are proud of their work when they are done because it is quite easy to use the program.  Often times their personality comes out in the wordles and it great to see something that started as difficult become easy and fun.

For as great as the program is – wordle does have its disadvantages.  It is not easy to save the creations.  I have found the best way to do it is to take a screen shot and then transfer it to a program where you can crop it and then adjust the size to your preference.  There is no real easy way to save from the site though you can print your wordles from the site without saving them.

Overall, wordles are a great way to get your kids engaged with words – especially if you are moving into a poetry unit.  It is a quick and cool way to mix word and art and I have yet to meet a student who hasn’t found themselves lost in their wordle.



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