The Teachable Moments

I have been encouraged to blog for a long time but my answer to the request has quite simply been – “No.”  A new year brings a new perspective and new promises and the idea that a blog might not be that bad – it might just be a teachable moment.

So what is the purpose and point of this new blog, one of the thousands of education blogs on the web – I don’t quite know…but hopefully over the course of the year, a person reading will learn something from the blog thereby creating a “teachable moment.”

Which brings me to the name of the blog – “The Teachable Moments”  –

I must admit I was pleasantly surprised to see this phrase make the Lake Superior State University 2010 banned word list.  In reality isn’t every moment a teachable one???  The buzz words in education change as often as the weather.  New and old teachers have their hands full with trying to keep up with words like “differentiating, scaffolding, tiering, and chunking.”  It seems to take more time implementing the concepts behind the new words then it does for the word to be important in the educational field.  While most people are probably more amused with words like “tweet” “czar” and “app” making this list, this educator sees the value in losing the overused phrase – “teachable moments”

Why you may ask – well because, isn’t every moment, inside the classroom and out – a “teachable moment.”  It doesn’t need to be scaffolded, tiered, or chucked every time, it just needs to be considered important because in my experience the least important moments are the most memorable.

Moving forward, this blog will hopefully have many “teachable moments.”  Much of it will be education related but some of it may drift off on a tangent – because every good educator needs a little break from the education world now and again.

Enjoy, feel free to comment, but in the very least consider what you did today and what moments were moments that were another one of life’s little lessons – one of those “teachable moments”  )

Oh yeah, almost forgot – for the entire 2010 banned word list – follow this link, (if you are die-hard tweeter, then you may want to skip it ) —


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